Sunday, December 4, 2011

silver bells

Sorry I have not posted for so long. I have been very busy with my after school activities. Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree. We bought a new tree and lots of new decorations. We tried to keep our tree looking silver.Sunny, Muffin and Betsy thought it was well decorated. I took this photo of Sunny and Muffin in front of our beautiful tree. They are hoping that Santa will bring them a new sister.

At girls guides I am working towards my computer badge so I will be posting more often and giving my blog a makeover soon.Hopefully some of my guide friends will visit my blog and discover the wonderful world of blythe.


  1. Your tree is gorgeous! Sunny is my favourite of your Blythe dolls, I loved her so much I bought one for my daughter. She's only two though so still a bit young for a Blythe, so I'm looking after her for a while! Love your blog Charlotte (and your mum's).

  2. I go to girl guides too!
    I really like your blog and your blog background
    I LOVE Muffins dress