Wednesday, June 15, 2011

window art

Hello everyone. On the weekend it was very rainy. I nagged my mum to do some craft with me. I decided I wanted to make some window art. I used a kit that someone gave me for my last birthday. I decided to do a flower design and a heart design. My mum just did a heart with a little heart inside it.

We drew a picture and we put plastic on top. Then we traced over it with special black paint stuff. Then we filled in our designs with colour. We had to wait 24 hours for it to dry before we could pull it off the plastic and stick it on the window! I hate waiting.

Below is a picture of our designs on my bedroom window. Next time I want to do a butterfly. I had fun. I hope you like my wonderful window art. I think it looks awesome.

On the weekend I made a video for the utterly awesome blythe club competition. The competition is Blythe's got talent. I had fun. It was the first proper video I have ever made.

I have some other exciting news. My mum is getting a blythe doll of her own so Sunny will have a new sister! She is getting a nostalgic pop blythe doll. It should be here in a few days. Sunny and I are so excited and so is my mum.


  1. Looks great, from Charlotte.

  2. Looks,like wonderful art.

    Congtats on making your first video!!!

  3. That window art is cool! Good luck in the competition!! Does your Mum know what she is going to call her nostalgic pop blythe?? She is very pretty!!

    Chloe xoxoxoxo