Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary Poppins

Yesterday I went to see Mary Poppins with my mum. It was awesome and really really really amazing! My favourite part was when Mary Poppins went flying above the crowd aiming for space. The songs were all AWESOME!!! So was the dancing.

We caught the bus there ,picked up the tickets and then had sushi for lunch before the show. I love Japanese food. We had a sashimi plate and a mixed bento box. I love baby avocado sushi and raw salmon sashimi best.At the show my mum bought me a cuddly Mary Poppins doll and the program book. The show was FABULOUS!!!!!

After the fabulous show we caught the bus home. I was very tired but I had an awesome day! I think Betsy and Sunny had fun too.


  1. Sounds excellent, lucky girl.

  2. What a wonderful day - it is a great show, the songs get stuck in your head!

  3. It sounds like you had a gr8 day.

    I wanted to see the show to!

  4. So sweet! It's always fun in the city, especially a 'girls day out' with Mum.