Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny's hair wash

Yesterday we washed Sunny's hair for the first time. We used hot water and fabric softener. It took a long time to dry. My mum took some photos. Emily tagged us on flickr when her hair was wet and she was naked and we had to take another picture. Now her hair looks clean, cute and shiny.

Here are the photos that mum took.


  1. Hello I like the idea of giving your Blythe doll a hair wash! I am Cherry Blossom and I really like your blog :)

    Cherry Blossom

  2. Hi again
    I forgot to say that I love Blythe dolls too, but the only bad thing is that I don't have one yet.

    Cherry Blossom :P

  3. My grandma bought me a Blythe doll and I can´t wait to recive it in the post and do things with her.

  4. I´ve already started a blog even if I haven´t recived her yet =)

  5. Hi Charlotte!

    Your Blythe doll looks so fresh and clean.
    She's so pretty. I hope you have a great holiday.