Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Royal Easter Show

Yesterday I went to the Royal Easter Show. I saw three of my friends there, Alannah, Aisha and Sam. I went on lots of rides. When I was waiting to go on the giant wave swinger I met Alannah. We sat next to each other and rode it two times. It was my favourite ride. Mum and I went on the adventure island water ride and we both got wet.

the giant wave swinger

Alannah and I on the giant wave swinger

I got a Hello Kitty showbag. It had a purse and an alarm clock in it, and lots of other hello kitty things. I love the Easter Show. I left Sunny at home because I didn't want her to get lost and we already had so much to carry.


  1. Charlotte, looks like you had a lovely day out with your friends. I am hoping the weather will be good on Monday because I'm planning to take Mollie (she's your age) to the Show along with her brother, Will.

  2. Hi Charlotte!

    That giant wave swinger ride sounds so cool!! The Hello Kitty showbag sounds great too! I lover Hello Kitty - I have a big red Hello Kitty suitcase!

    Chloe xoxo

  3. Hi Charlotte it's Charlotte here. I hope you had fun at the Easter Show. My favourite ride is the wave swinger too.

  4. Well Lottie, you are much braver than me going on those rides! Looks like you had a really fun day out with your family.

  5. Hi Charlotte,

    That giant wave swinger ride sounds fun, I wish I could go on a ride like that. Unforchenly I get sick :(


  6. Hi Charlotte!

    Those rides look so so fun! I bet you had an AWESOME day!!!

    Love from Emily xoxoxoxoxoxox