Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my school holidays

These are some more things I did in the school holidays.

One day in the holidays we went to Manly and had sushi for lunch. Sunny came with us. After we had sushi we had an ice cream. When we finished our ice cream we went to the beach. Sunny had fun. These are some photos my mum took.

One day last week my friend, who is also called Charlotte like me, came over with her Blythe Amy. Amy and Sunny had a picnic and I took these photos. Charlotte has an ipod and took a photo of my brother and made him look like Sally from Cat in the hat. It was so funny. We had a great day together. I took these pictures with the camera my uncle gave me last Christmas.

Today is the very last day of school holidays. I went to see Rio at the movies with my dad and my brother. It was a very funny movie. Tomorrow it is my school's cross country. I hope it doesn't rain.

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  1. That looks like you had a lot of fun in the holidays! Sunny is SO cute!! I did not know you lived near Charlotte, that is SO awesome!! And that looks like an awesome picnic!!