Wednesday, April 27, 2011

my school holidays

These are some more things I did in the school holidays.

One day in the holidays we went to Manly and had sushi for lunch. Sunny came with us. After we had sushi we had an ice cream. When we finished our ice cream we went to the beach. Sunny had fun. These are some photos my mum took.

One day last week my friend, who is also called Charlotte like me, came over with her Blythe Amy. Amy and Sunny had a picnic and I took these photos. Charlotte has an ipod and took a photo of my brother and made him look like Sally from Cat in the hat. It was so funny. We had a great day together. I took these pictures with the camera my uncle gave me last Christmas.

Today is the very last day of school holidays. I went to see Rio at the movies with my dad and my brother. It was a very funny movie. Tomorrow it is my school's cross country. I hope it doesn't rain.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny's hair wash

Yesterday we washed Sunny's hair for the first time. We used hot water and fabric softener. It took a long time to dry. My mum took some photos. Emily tagged us on flickr when her hair was wet and she was naked and we had to take another picture. Now her hair looks clean, cute and shiny.

Here are the photos that mum took.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Royal Easter Show

Yesterday I went to the Royal Easter Show. I saw three of my friends there, Alannah, Aisha and Sam. I went on lots of rides. When I was waiting to go on the giant wave swinger I met Alannah. We sat next to each other and rode it two times. It was my favourite ride. Mum and I went on the adventure island water ride and we both got wet.

the giant wave swinger

Alannah and I on the giant wave swinger

I got a Hello Kitty showbag. It had a purse and an alarm clock in it, and lots of other hello kitty things. I love the Easter Show. I left Sunny at home because I didn't want her to get lost and we already had so much to carry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hello, my name is Charlotte and I got my first blythe doll last Christmas. She is a Nicky Lad doll and her name is Sunset. Her nickname is Sunny. I like to play with her hair and dress her up. My mum has made her some clothes and she is going to teach me to make her clothes too. I am going to make her a special dress for Christmas because it will be her first birthday too.

Some other things I like are swimming, art, craft, netball and playing animal crossing on the wii. It is school holidays at the moment so I have been allowed to play the wii lots.

Yesterday my mum took some photos of me and Sunset for my blog banner and we went a bit crazy.